Customer Communication

Request For Disclosure Of Personal Information

Disclosure Request Via Internet

Disclosure of personal information regarding the following items may be requested from our company website (Japanese). The response (Electricity Usage Statement) will only be sent to the address of the concerned individual of personal information (contracting customer or payer).

<Disclosure Request Items>

  1. Electricity Charge
  2. Amount of Electricity Used (Total)
  3. Amount of Electricity Used (Details)
  4. Contract Demand
  5. Power Factor
  6. Maximum Power Demand

*Depending on the contract menu, items 3 to 6 may not be available

Request For Disclosure By Telephone

For minor items, you can request disclosure of personal information by telephone. Please contact the OEPC Call Center.
*We will confirm your personal information such as the contracting customer's name and where electricity is used. Please note that we may refuse your reply if we cannot verify your personal information. Your understanding is appreciated.

Request For Disclosure By Mail (Postal)

You can request disclosure of personal information by mail. Please send the following documents to OEPC. Please contact the OEPC Call Center for mailing address.

  1. Documents Required for Disclosure Request
    <If the disclosure request is by the concerned individual>

    <If the Disclosure Request is by a Representative>
    • Personal Information Disclosure Request (prescribed form of our company)
    • Return Envelope
    • Return Postage Stamp
    • Power of Attorney of Concerned Individual of Personal Information (A Power of attorney (Column 1) in the specified form of our company referred to in paragraph (1) may also be used.)
    • Identification Documents of the Representative (Copy of Driver's License, etc.)

  2. Time Until Delivery of Information

    It will take about 2 weeks to 1 month from date of application of disclosure request for delivery of the written reply. Your understanding to this matter is appreciated.
    *If a large number of disclosure requests are made at one time, it may take more than one month.