Customer Communication

When Your Move Is Decided

When you are moving, you are required to take procedures to start and discontinue the use of electricity. When your move is decided, please make your application to OEPC Call Center.

When You Are Starting The Use Of Electricity

Main Points To Check When Applying

  • Date and time of start of use
  • Address of the place where you are starting its use
  • Name of Contracting Party/Contact Information
  • Payment Method
  • Electricity Rate Menu

*In order to ensure delivery of mails from our company, please submit "Notification of Change of Address" to Japan Post as soon as possible.

When You Are Discontinuing The Use Of Electricity

Main Points To Confirm When Applying

  • End of Use Date and Time
  • End of Use Address (or Customer Number)
  • Name of Contracting Customer
  • Settlement Method of Electricity Charges
  • Relocation Address (for sending mailed items after moving out)

*Turn off the breaker in the distribution panel when leaving.

Precautions When Using Electric Water Heater/EcoCute

  1. The electric water heater/EcoCute is set to heat hot water at late-night hours. If it is to be used from the day of moving in, the power must be on from the day before, so please make your application two days prior to move-in date.
  2. Please be sure to confirm that water is in the tank of the electric water heater/EcoCute.
    (Malfunction may occur if there is no water in the tank)
  3. If an electric water heater/EcoCute remote control is installed, confirm the current time and timer time.
    (If the time is not correct, hot water may be heated daytime, which may result in higher electricity charges and insufficient hot water.)