Procurement Information

Basic Principles


The Okinawa Electric Power Company, Incorporated (OEPC) was established as a special public corporation on May 15, 1972 under the Law Concerning Special Measures for Promoting Development of Okinawa. That was at the time of returning of administrative rights over the Ryukyu Islands and the Daito Islands from the United States of America to Japan, and OEPC took over the business of the Ryukyu Electric Power Corporation (REPC), an instrumentality of the United States Civil Administration of the Ryukyu Islands. In May 1988, the law came to be amended, and effective October 1 of the same year, OEPC was privatized.

The head office is located in Urasoe City, which is known as the city of the Sun Child (TEDAKO-NO-MACHI). Currently, OEPC is engaged in supplying electricity to more than 700,000 customers in the service territory of 2,264 square kilometers comprising 39 inhabited islands.

OEPC's mission is to provide clean and stable power at reasonable rates in coping with the ever growing power requirements of the region. In accomplishing this mission, the construction of power generating plants, enlargement and improvement of transmission and distribution facilities are being carried forward, with increasing vigor, with careful considerations given to environmental preservation. At the same time, OEPC is seeking to keep power supply cost as low as practicable.

In meeting steadily increasing electricity needs, OEPC's concern is to procure materials and equipment of good quality at a reasonable price by opening the doors to domestic and foreign suppliers alike. OEPC is making an effort toward the establishment of mutually beneficial relations with many domestic and foreign suppliers.

Basic Principles in Procurement

OEPC procures materials and equipment required in accordance with the following principles:

  1. OEPC opens its doors to domestic and foreign suppliers in the procurement of products of good quality at reasonable prices.
  2. Economy and reasonableness are pursued in OEPC selection procedures on a fair and non-discriminatory basis. Factors to be considered in the selection of suppliers are; (a) product quality and safety; (b) pricing; (c) reliability; (d) compatibility with existing installed facilities; (e) ability to meet required delivery date and time; (f) after-sales service; (g) technical capacity; and (h) operating conditions of the suppliers.
  3. OEPC's belief is that all business relationships and dealings should be in compliance with, and demonstrate respect for the spirit of all laws and regulations concerned.
  4. It is recognized that good relationship to be established and maintained through fair business transactions based on mutual trust and confidence is important for OEPC to accomplish its mission of providing stable electric power at reasonable rates.
  5. Through business transactions, suppliers and OEPC will cooperate and contribute in partnership to the development of a regional community.