Customer Communication

How To Read The Notice Of Electricity Consumption

The following is how to read the "Notice of Electricity Consumption" delivered monthly.
Electricity charges for the month are calculated based on the amount of electricity used.

The Notice Of Electricity Consumption
  1. Customer name
  2. Customer number
    This indicates your contract number. Please refer to this number when making inquiries.
  3. Contract Type
    Indicates the type of contract you have agreed upon.
  4. Supply Point Identification Number
    This is a nationwide number that identifies the place where electricity is used.
  5. Electricity Consumption/Usage
    Electricity consumption for the current month (from the previous month's meter reading day to the day before this month's meter reading day) is indicated.
  6. Used Period
    Indicates the consumption period that is subject to rate calculation. For customers using direct debit, the scheduled direct debit date for the current month is indicated.
  7. Meter-reading Date/Reading/Reference Usage
    • Indicates the current month's meter-reading date and the next month's meter-reading date.
    • Indicates This Time's Reading/Last Reading/Net Usage.
    • For your reference, indicates the usage amount for the previous month and the usage amount for the same month of the previous year.
  8. Scheduled Billing Amount
    Amount scheduled to be billed is indicated.
    *Please note that actual billing may differ due to changes in the contract.
  9. Fuel Cost Adjustment Unit Price
    The fuel cost adjustment unit price for the current month and the next month is indicated.
    *If the fuel cost adjustment unit price for the next month cannot be determined in time, an asterisk "*" will be indicated. Your understanding is appreciated.
  10. Unit Price of Renewable Energy Surcharge
    The renewable energy surcharge unit price for the current and folowing month are indicated.
  11. Contact Information
    If you have any inquiries, your inquiries are accepted at the following contact information.
  12. Electricity Receipt (for Direct Debit)
    For customers using direct debit, the receipt status of electricity charge will be informed.