Procurement Information


Standard Procedure of Procurement

  1. Disclosure of Planned Procurement
    The description and quantity of the major items to be procured for the fiscal year will be disclosed at the beginning of the fiscal year. Details of Planned Procurement such as time for purchase request and delivery will be available at the Purchasing Division.
  2. Introduction of Products
    Any supplier that has interest in selling products to OEPC is requested first to submit to OEPC Purchasing Division pertinent information necessary for introductory purposes such as the company brochure as well as the data pertaining to products and operating conditions of supplier. Should it be considered necessary, suppliers may be required to furnish additional explanatory materials and data and samples of items.
  3. Registration Procedures for Supplier's List
    The procedure for initial registration is to submit an application form to the Purchasing Division. An application form is available at the window of the Purchasing Division. The period for acceptance is from 1st July to 31st July.
  4. Evaluation for Qualification
    The evaluation factors that enter into the determination of qualification are technical capacity, production system, quality control, previous transactions, after-sales service, shipping and delivery capability, the size of business and operating conditions of suppliers. Applicants who receive a satisfactory rating in this evaluation will be qualified for registration and classified by the material or equipment category suppliers intend to deal and will be included in the list of qualified suppliers. The results of evaluation for qualification will be notified to the applicants.
  5. Selection of Designated Bidding Suppliers
    Designated bidding suppliers are selected by the Purchasing Division based on the request of pertinent department. OEPC procurement is based upon competition among not less than two suppliers selected. However, in the event that patents, research and development considerations, urgency of requirements, compatibility with the existing installed facilities and others necessitate the selection of a single supplier, a request for quotation will be made to that single supplier.
  6. Request for Quotation and Submission of Quotation
    Access to the content of the request for quotation rendered in a nominative and competitive manner will also be made available to suppliers listed in OEPC list of qualified suppliers. Bidding submitted in compliance with a request for quotation is, in principle, required to be submitted no later than the date and time specified for submission and submission thereof is received and accepted as valid when the submitted bid is found to be in conformity to the specifications and other conditions stated by OEPC. The quotation made and submitted based on alternative specifications other than OEPC-designated ones will be deemed valid only when such alternative specifications are determined by OEPC to satisfy the functional and performance requirements.
  7. Negotiation of Price
    The contract price and other conditions will be fixed through negotiation between OEPC and the lowest bidder.
  8. Conclusion of Contract
    The contract will be in compliance with the OEPC purchase conditions and requirements. However, contract terms can be negotiated when necessary based upon conditions mutually agreed upon by OEPC and the lowest bidder.
  9. Delivery, Inspection and Payment
    Inspection will be conducted by OEPC to determine and verify the fact that the product delivered agrees in all respects with the OEPC specifications and requirements. The contracted supplier may be requested to be present at the site of inspection and to provide such assistance as reasonably needed for performing such inspection. In principal, the payment shall be made in the next month, the following month which the acceptance inspection has been made by OEPC. Provided in such cases a product requires a long lead time for manufacturing, special method of payment such as an installment plan will be negotiated and arranged.
  10. Others
    In no event shall confidential information provided to any party, supplier or OEPC, be revealed by any party without written consent from the party providing the information. The supplier may be subject to any liability for loss or damage arising or resulting from supplier's delay in delivery of product. Any inquiries arising in the course of procurement activities will be directed to, and dealt with by the Purchasing Division.

Important Consideration in Procurement

The following are three important considerations highly evaluated in OEPC procurement:

  1. Quality and Price
    Product reliability, safety, compatibility and reasonable pricing.
  2. After-sales Service
    Cooperation in maintenance, quick and proper troubleshooting and warranty, unrelenting endeavor toward improvement and innovation.
  3. Delivery
    Accuracy of delivery promises, stable supply, and quick response in emergency situations.

Main Procurement Items

OEPC is procuring the following materials and equipment;

Thermal Power Plants
Boiler Systems Turbine Systems
Instrumentation Equipment Water Screen (Trash removing equipment)
Security and Fire Extinguishing Systems Flue gas Treatment equipment
Automatic Control Equipment Combustion Equipment
Valves and others Diesel Power Generators
Gas Turbines Wind-Powered Electricity Generation System
Photovoltaic Electric Power Generation System  
Transmission, Substations and Distribution Plants
Transformers Gas insulated Switchgears
Circuit Breakers Potential Transformers
Current Transformers Disconnecting Switches
Power Capacitors Shunt Reactors
Neutral Grounding reactors Tele-Controllers
Steel Structures Steel Towers
Control Panels Protective Relays
Plant Control Computers Facility Monitoring Systems
Switching Systems Automatic Voltage Regulators
Pole Transformers and Switches Concrete Poles
Insulators Underground Conduit Equipment
Service Measurement Meters Other related equipment
Telecommunications Equipment
Antennas and Accessories Mobile Radio Apparatus
Digital and Analogue Transmitting Equipment Digital Switching Systems
Other related equipment  
Conductors (Wires and Cables)
Aluminum Conductors Bare copper Wires
Insulated Wires and Devices Fiber-optic Cables
Composite Fiber-optic Ground Wire Overhead Ground Wires
Oil-filled Cables XLPE Cables
Other Materials and Equipment
Industrial Chemicals Oils etc.
Safety Devices Miscellaneous Tools
Clothing Office Furniture
Office Equipment Electric Appliances and Devices
Measuring Instruments Computers
Office automation Equipment Piping Equipment
Batteries Water Softening Equipment

Major Products Procured from Overseas Suppliers

OEPC purchases high-quality, economical products without regard to whether they come from Japan or overseas, and we conduct business with a wide range of overseas enterprises.

Major items recently procured from overseas suppliers are as follows:

  1. Lead-acid storage batteries
  2. Coal ash treatment equipment
  3. Insulated wires
  4. Handy terminal covers
  5. Radio equipment
  6. Wind power generation equipment
  7. Multistations