Customer Communication

Customer Communication

Customer Center ※Please make sure to dial the correct number

Available hours

※1.Monday-Friday 8:30am-5:00pm (except Holidays)
※2.24hours / 7days

Moving in or out / change of contract ※1

0120-586-390 (toll free)

Inquiries related to electricity charges / other inquiry ※1

0120-586-391 (toll free)

Inquiries related to power failures ※2

Branch toll free
Naha 0120-586-701
Yonabaru 0120-586-703
Urasoe 0120-586-704
Uruma 0120-586-705
Nago 0120-586-706
Miyako 0120-586-707
Yaeyama 0120-586-708
Kumejima 0120-586-709
Minamidaito,Kitadaito,Tonaki,Aguni 0120-586-700

In case that numbers above are not available ※2

098-993-7777 (payable)

Supply & Network ※1

0120-586-601 (toll free)
098-993-6148 (payable)

Notice & Bill

How to Read the Notice of Electricity Consumption

How to Read the Notice

  1. Customer name
  2. Customer number
  3. Contract category
  4. Location number
  5. Electricity consumption
  6. Billing period for the month indicated and Planned date of account transfer
  7. Meter-reading date
  8. Amount to be billed
  9. Discount/Extra charges based on power factor
  10. Renewable Energy surcharge
  11. Telephone number of OEPC Customer Center
  12. Receipt for payment of electricity bill through account transfer

We will check the meter installed at your home every month and send a "notice of electricity consumption".
The notice of electricity consumption also serves as a receipt if your electricity bill is paid via the account transfer system.
The notice of electricity consumption indicates your monthly electricity consumption and the amount to be billed. This is not a bill, so it cannot be used to pay for your electricity.

Payment Options

How to Pay Your Electricity Bill

You can pay your electricity bill via the account transfer payment or credit card payment. If you wish to use these payment method, please see below for instructions on how to file an application for account transfer.
Otherwise you will be required to pay your bill using a payment voucher.

1. Account transfer payment

Monthly electricity charge will be paid automatically out of your bank or post office account.
Your application for this payment method will be accepted at the following locations:(We will send you an application form upon request.)
• A bank or a post office where you have your own account

2. Payment by voucher

We will send you a payment form. You can use this prescribed form to pay your electricity bill at the following locations:
• The nearest post office
• The nearest bank or convenience store where the payment of electricity bills is accepted

3. Credit Card Payment

This is the way that your credit card company pays your monthly electricity bill for you, and then, charges you for credit card charge.

You can apply for this payment method at the OEPC customer center