Message from the Management

Message from the Management

The Okinawa Electric Power Company, Inc. (OEPC) Group aims to design and propose new value through services to support both corporate and individual customers as a comprehensive energy supplier and to become a unified business group that grows and develops hand-in-hand with the community.

In the electric power business that forms the mainstay of the Group’s operations, the full liberalization of the electricity retail market was implemented in the Okinawa region, in the same way as on mainland Japan, in April 2016, ushering in an era of full-scale competition. The OEPC is exempt from the treatment of the legal unbundling which aims at further securing of neutrality of the transmission/distribution sector. Specifically, if the OEPC is approved as the “Approved general power transmission and distribution operator” which can operate power retail business and power generation business, we can continue maintaining the integrated system for power transmission and distribution.

Against this backdrop, we formulated OEPC Group Medium- to Long-Term Growth Strategies to define the corporate group we want to be. With these strategies as our guide, we will boldly embrace challenges as a cohesive group to resolve various management issues and achieve our financial targets.

The electric power industry is faced with some negative factors, such as the heightened efforts to save energy, which could slow growth in electricity demand. Nevertheless, positive factors exist as well,such as large-scale urban development plans, which could boost demand for new energy. We will strive to expand sales of electricity and gas by maximizing the strengths we have built as a corporate group with roots in the community, resourcefully leveraging comprehensive energy services, and vigorously promoting all-electric options for residential and commercial customers. On the cost front, we will consider and implement radical cost-reduction measures that go beyond any concepts entertained to date as well as measures to enhance business efficiency.

With regard to measures to curb global warming, we will engage with the electric power industry as a whole to achieve CO2 emission reduction targets based on national energy mix decisions. We will also engage in efforts to realize a low-carbon society through steady operation of the Yoshinoura Thermal Power Plant, which uses liquefied natural gas (LNG)— the most efficient source—as its fuel.

In addition, OEPC will strive to reinforce measures to ensure quick recovery when typhoons knock out power. We also seek to strengthen our ability to respond when disaster strikes, and toward this end,we will emphasize business operations and facility management with a heightened awareness of disaster prevention and reduced impact should occur through such approaches as investment in facilities to better withstand the impact of natural disasters, including earthquakes and tsunamis.

Engaging in activities that ensure the elimination of all accidents and disasters is an absolute priority and responsibility of any corporate entity. In this context, OEPC recognizes the paramount importance of maintaining safety throughout every facet of its business activities. Working in unison with partner companies, the OEPC Group will adhere strictly to a policy of safety management and work diligently to foster a safety culture while gradually and conscientiously building on its experience of standard procedures in fulfilling its mission of the stable supply of electricity.

We will also be thorough in our efforts to keep the number of working hours to an appropriate level.This includes efforts to prevent situations where employees work for long periods in a stretch. It is our goal to ensure the health of our employees and to promote a harmonious work-life balance.

In activities other than the electric power business, all employees under the Group umbrella are well aware of the corporate mission and the roles they play in fulfilling this mission. We will continue to provide comprehensive energy services—the Group’s core business—but we will also direct effort into measures that contribute to expanded sales and profitability and improved capital efficiency outside the Group. Our goal is to encourage self-driven growth in each field of business.

Going forward, the OEPC Group will work as a cohesive unit to address various management issues and thereby sustain growth and development.

Mitsuru Omine