Procurement Information

Procurement Plan

Fiscal 2017 Procurement Plan for Electric Power Facilities (Summary)

1. Major equipment and materials which we plan to procure in 2017 are described as below. The detailed information is available at the window of the Purchasing and Materials Department.

Thermal Power Plants
Facility Product Qty/Unit
Equipment for Steam Power Plants Generator and related equipment 4 set
Boiler and related equipment 8 set
Turbine and related equipment 9 set
Automatic control equipment 1 set
Smoke disposal equipment 2 set
Other 12 set
Equipment for Internal Combustion Power Plants Generator and related equipment 2 set
Organization and related equipment 4 set
Automatic control equipment 1 set
Equipment for Transmission steel structure, stand, Tower material, tower remodeling material 3 set
Other 4 set
Insulators and devices 3 set
Aluminum conductors 88,894 m
Wire accessory 378 pcs
OPGW and accessory 1,912 m
midline-pipe material(66kV or more) 37,201 set
CV Cable 10 set
Other 1 set
Equipment for Substation Metal-clad 1 unit
Gas insulated switchgear 2 set
Arrestor 5 set
Remotel control equipment 5 set
Other 6 set
Telecommunications equipment Fiber-optic cable 23,179 m
Telecommunication cable 167,000 m
Security equipment 9 unit
Other 2 set
Power distribution equipment Concrete Pole 694 set
OW wire 242,000 m
OCW wire 158,000 m
RW-OCW wire 147,664 m
OC-W-Awire 44,000 m
Pole transformer 860 unit
Facility Product Qty/Unit
Power distribution equipment Power supply transformer for control 450 unit
Automatic voltage regulator 1 unit
Air Switch on the pillar(22kV following) 1,008 unit
Arrestor(22kV following) 39 pcs
Insulators and devices(22kV following) 11,292 pcs
CVT cable(22kV following) 2,080 m
CVT-NY cable(22kV following) 42,623 m
F-CVT-NY cable(22kV following) 12,878 m
Grounding multi circuit gas switch 11 unit
Grounding Potential Transformer 81 unit
Low-voltage branch equipment 57 unit
Underground lead-in branch box 52 unit
Pipe guard 1 set
Materials for cable termination(22kV following) 467 set
Connection material(22kV following) 78 set
Other 10 set
Equipment for buisiness use Main transformer 5 set
Circuit breaker 8 set
Disconnecting switch 12 unit
Armored switchgear 5 set
Protective relay equipment 25 set
Supervisory control equipment 17 unit
Control cable 3 set
Instrument transformer 3 set
Instrument voltage current transformer 7 set
Uninterruptible power supply system 1 set
Storage battery and thyristor rectifier 9 set
Computer and information processing equipment 11 set
Measure 2 set
Fuel oil 2 set
Industrial chemical 2 set
Other 8 set

2. How to order
As a method of ordering, we employ a designated competitive bidding in principle, selecting the qualified suppliers who are precedently evaluated and registered with our Supplier’s List in accordance with the material or equipment category.

3. Contact
Procurement Section, Purchasing and Materials Department, The Okinawa Electric Power Company, Incorporated. 5-2-1 Makiminato, Urasoe, Okinawa, Japan 901-2602 TEL: +81(0) 98 877 2341 (ext. 3123 - 3126)